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Tree Stump Grinder Hire

The tree stump grinder attachment from SkidSteer Hire Solutions is perfect for fast, on-site tree stump grinding all over the UK. With the ability to quickly remove unwanted tree stumps from the ground at up to 280mm above ground level, you can rely on this attachment to perform on demand.

SkidSteer Hire Solutions can provide the tree stump grinder attachment quickly on both short and long term contracts so that you can carry out your next project with ease. As unwanted tree stumps are not only an eye sore but also highly dangerous, the tree stump grinder we provide can mill any stump up to 280mm from above ground and also go as deep as 280mm below ground to fully remove the hazard. Being fast and efficient, the attachment is also safe on site with rubber shields to protect the operator from wood chips and stray ground materials.



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