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When it comes to skidsteers, it is important to get the most out of them. These pieces of machinery are versatile and can be used for a number of different applications. From clearing a building site to crushing concrete, you can do almost anything.

At Skidsteer Hire Solutions our blog looks at the most useful skidsteer attachments available for you to use. We’ll guide you through what these do and why you should use them.

1. Trenchers

If you need to go through soil, then a trencher is the perfect attachment to use. These fittings are often used for landscaping, light construction work and farming. As one of the most useful skidsteer attachments, a trencher works on soft and earth ground and can dig up to 152cm in depth.

Another added advantage of these is that you can use them close to fences, walls and buildings without causing unwanted damage.

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2. Buckets

As one of the most versatile options, buckets are an ideal way of transforming your machine. There are a wide variety of fittings available and these can be used across different sites. For example, buckets can move dirt, unwanted rubbish, gravel, and other materials.

Some of the bucket attachments most commonly used include:


3. Augers

When it comes to drilling precise holes, an auger is the best choice. There are a wide set of additional bits available for these and they are ideal for use in the utilities industry. As augers are easy to use and control, most skidsteer controllers opt for augers.

Those that we stock are easy to interchange and have a high power intensity. Also, the unique knuckle joint design allows operators to work successfully on unlevelled ground.

4. Sweepers

With a number of sweepers available, this skidsteer attachment can be used in many different settings. One of these options, the utility broom, is perfect for collecting debris including dirt and rocks. This is then gathered into a hopper from where you can dispose of it wherever you want.

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5. Landscape Rakes

The final option in our list of most useful skidsteer attachments is the rake. These have an ability to collect rocks up to 13 mm in size, making your life easy and stress free. On top of this, the operator has complete control over the levelling of a surface.

Rake attachments can skim rocks, debris and dust evenly to create the perfect finish. Some of the most popular brands include Eterra and Rockhound.

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Feel free to view the attachments we have available to hire and contact us if you require any assistance.