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Bobcat Attachments in Peterborough

SkidSteer Hire Solutions have a range of Bobcat attachments suitable for use in the construction, demolition, forestry, quarrying and processing industries. Hiring just an attachment instead of a whole machine enables you to alternate between them easily, as they are easily attached and dis-attached from the base machine. Hiring different machines for each function can be costly and time-consuming, and multiple plant machines can take up valuable storage space on your site. We have a range of mulching heads, combination buckets and landscape rakes available, allowing you to carry out a multitude of functions including the transportation of debris. Whether you require an attachment for a one-off task or a whole project, we can offer you a flexible hire service.

Our Attachments

We can provide hire services for a wide range of Bobcat attachments, including:

  • Trencher
  • Sweeper
  • Rotovator
  • Pallet Fork
  • Super Scraper
  • Industrial Grapple
  • Breaker
  • Fork and Grab
  • Laser Grader
  • Wheel Saw
  • Landscape Rake
  • Auger
  • Mulching Head
  • Flail Cutter
  • Planer
  • Tree Stump Grinder
  • Combination Bucket
  • Dozer Blade
  • Angle Broom

Bobcat Mulching Head

Our hydraulic powered Bobcat forestry mulching heads are suitable for use for forestry, land development, site clearance and arboriculture. With the Bobcat T770 and the Bobcat T590 available for hire in our fleet, our products are powerful, heavy duty and compact. They are easy to operate and run quietly, making them ideal for use on large sites. Our attachments work by punching their spiral, tube-style teeth into trees or hedges and bringing them to the ground, before turning them into mulch. As the machines are compact, you can use them for clearing smaller areas of forestry and maintaining an orchard or footpath. They are environmentally friendly as they do not use a lot of horsepower, and the mulch that is created from the trees is organic and decomposable, allowing it to be mixed into the soil or transported away. Components of a Bobcat mulcher are an adjustable push bar, counter bomb, rotor brake, pressure gauge and double tipped carbide teeth, which all operate together to create a fine mulch.

Combination Buckets

Our Bobcat combination bucket attachments are multi-purpose attachments that can carry out a multitude of functions including dumping, loading, digging, levelling, dozing and grappling. With replaceable cutting edges on the rear of the dozer, combination buckets can carry out heavy duty tasks, with panel teeth preventing materials and debris from falling out. They have bolt-on corner cutting edges, interlocking grapple edges and a highly versatile clamshell structure that can tightly grip any shape of object.

Tree Stump Grinder

Our tree stump grinder Bobcat attachments are a cost-effective way of efficiently removing tree stumps, without needing to dig around, burn or chemically treat them. They are powerful detachable tools that remove tree stumps using a sharp disc that rotates and cuts away at the wood, grinding it into small chips. Stump grinders are hydraulic powered, have carbide teeth, and a front mount system. Although they are most popular among landscaping contractors, they are also suitable for use in gardens, campuses, woodland areas and construction sites. The blade is mounted at a 90-degree angle for maximum visibility, and the rubber deflecting shields protect the person operating it from the wood chips.

Plant Machinery

In addition to providing rental services for Bobcat attachments, we also hire out a range of plant machinery and equipment for the civil, waste and construction industries. The equipment we have available for hire includes:

  • Skidsteer Loader
  • Plant Machinery
  • JCB Forest Master
  • Bobcat Forestry Mulcher
  • Bobcat Skidsteer Loader
  • Bobcat T450 Compact Track Loader
  • Bobcat T590 Compact Track Loader
  • Bobcat T650 Compact Track Loader
  • Bobcat T770 Compact Track Loader
  • Combination Bucket
  • Fork and Grab
  • Avant LPG Loader
  • Wheel Saw
  • LPG Gas Models
  • Pallet Forks
  • Flail Mowers
  • Hydraulic Breakers

Tracked Or Loaded Skidsteer?

We offer both tracked and wheeled loaders for you to choose from, although it can be difficult to know which is more suitable for your site. The two main factors to consider are the surface conditions of the site, and the ground disturbance. Loaders that use wheels tend to manoeuvre around your site faster, although they may cause damage to the ground. Tracked loaders have a larger surface area of contact with the floor, meaning there is minimal ground disturbance. If you inform us whether the ground of your site is made from asphalt, concrete, clay, sand or gravel, we can advise you on whether to choose tracks or wheels.

Tracked equipment is available all year round, and it is less likely to break compared to wheeled, as wheels can easily get a puncture. Additionally, travelling in a tracked loader is smoother, and you can operate it easily on a wider range of surfaces. Wheeled equipment is more cost effective, requires less maintenance, and you can drive it along a road to a site rather than having to tow it.

Working in Peterborough

Peterborough is a city in Cambridgeshire that is best known for its Cathedral, as it is a fantastic piece of gothic architecture, the burial location of two queens and one of the most famous medieval abbeys in England. Other places to visit in Peterborough are the Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery, Burghley House and Nene Park. The River Nene runs directly through the city, with Back River separating off it near Pondskipper Crafts. Whilst in the area, you can also visit the Peterborough Guild Hall, Queensgate Shopping Centre and Ferry Meadows Recreation Area.

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