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Demolition Plant Hire in Leeds

When it comes to demolition plant hire, it is important to get the pieces of machinery that you need. SkidSteer Hire Solutions have more than 11 years’ experience in the hire of machinery and use their detailed knowledge to help provide you with guidance and support. Our Bobcats, Avant Loaders, JCBs and attachments can be used in other industries, including agriculture, construction, forestry, waste, and civil projects.

All of our tracked loaders are fully serviced and delivered on time to ensure that you have the best pieces of equipment to use. They also come with LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) and free on-site advice is always available. If you require it, our team are able to offer you operator training at our base to help you to get to grips with the tracked loader or attachments that you want to hire.

Products for Hire

At SkidSteer Hire Solutions we have several different pieces of machinery available to hire. Some of these include:

  • Bobcat T450 Compact Track Loader
  • Construction Machinery
  • Dozer Blade
  • Fork and Grab
  • Industrial Grapple
  • JCB 300T Forest Master
  • Demolition Hire
  • Landscape Rake
  • Bobcat S550 Skidsteer Loader
  • Bobcat T650 Compact Track Loader
  • Bobcat S570 Skidsteer Loader
  • Forestry Machinery Hire
  • Avant 525LPG Series
  • Super Scraper
  • Sweeper
  • Trencher
  • Angle Broom
  • Auger (Loader)
  • Breaker (Loader)

For more information about these items and attachments, please call on 01600 860 670 or fill in our online contact form.

Our Demolition Machinery

With a large fleet of machinery, you can be sure to find the demolition equipment that you need at SkidSteer Hire Solutions. Our self-drive machines offer you with low noise polluting options for your demolition project, keeping you and those around the demolition site happy. Whether you need to carry out aggregate removals, bulk excavations, recover assets, or drill concrete, our attachments will be able to complete these tasks.

Our demolition equipment is great for those that are working with warehouses, factory buildings, heavily populated areas, or chimneys. Several of the attachments that we hold are ideal for completing demolition work, including buckets, industrial grapples, landscape rakes, and breakers. We offer combination bucket hire which gives you the variety you need when it comes to demolition work. These buckets are 4 in 1 and feature side panel teeth to prevent materials from falling out of the bucket. Combination buckets can be used for loading, moving, heavy duty dozing, and levelling. If you need to move materials or bulky loads easily, then an industrial grapple attachment is ideal. These are extremely durable and easy to interchange with other attachments if needed.

Breakers are expertly designed to aid the demolition industry as they have enough power to drill through asphalt and reinforced concrete, making removal much easier. Our attachment has upper and lower shock absorbers and comes with diaphragm style accumulators to help reduce leaks. Clearing up the ground after demolition can be made much easier with a landscape rake attachment. Rocks of up to 13mm in size can be picked up with the attachment and it skims through rocks, dust and debris evenly.

If you cannot see an attachment listed above that you are in need of for demolition, please contact us as our stock is constantly upgrading.

Bobcat T650 Compact Track Loader

Available to hire today, the Bobcat T650 Compact Track Loader is a versatile and highly robust machine which can be used for many different purposes. This particular machine gives you the power, lift and reach that you need to move materials or objects with ease. Some of the main benefits of this loader include:

  • Double track system
  • Choice controls
  • Selectable joystick controls
  • Roller suspension systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Transverse engine and belt drive
  • Hydraulic oil site gauge
  • Grease point access
  • Machine protection
  • Simple machine tie-downs
  • Uptime protection
  • Improved visibility
  • Operator friendly controls
  • Seat adjustment options
  • Extra cab room
  • Pressurised cab
  • Power Bob-tach and Bob-tach

The T650 is part of the new generation of Bobcats and is often a popular choice on sites around the UK thanks to its comfort and manoeuvrability. Visibility within the cab has increased overall by 30% and by 45% from the front. With a tipping load of 3,550kg, this Bobcat loader is sure to manage the jobs you need it for.

Health and Safety on a Demolition Site

Ensuring the health and safety of those on a demolition site is highly important and should be top of all our lists. According to the law, all demolition, structural alteration or dismantling must be planned and carried out carefully to prevent danger. The Health and Safety Executive outlines 9 key areas that should be considered when carrying out demolition. These include falling from a height, uncontrolled collapse, traffic management, injury from falling materials, risks from connected services, noise and vibration, hazardous materials, worker involvement, and fire.

There are a few other things that you can do to ensure that all precautions have been taken before carrying out any demolition work. You should make sure that you are aware of any asbestos that may or more not be on site. If there is any, then you should contact an appropriate professional to manage the removal of this. Protective equipment should be worn at all times by workers on site and everybody should have the appropriate training and experience to manage a variety of situations. Keeping an eye on vibration, noise and dust coming from your site is important to keep those around you and your workers safe. Carrying out appropriate risk assessments and safety checks is also helpful as it informs you of any potential risks before they occur.

Leeds and the Surrounding Area

The city of Leeds has an estimated population of 781,000 people and is well known for its three universities including the University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett University, and Leeds Trinity University. If you are in the area, there are plenty of places to visit including Roundhay ParkKirkstall Abbey, and the Thackray Medical Museum. For demolition plant hire in Leeds, contact us today at SkidSteer Hire Solutions.

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