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Construction Machinery Hire in Bath

Here at SkidSteer Hire Solutions we understand that in the construction industry there are some tasks that can be very time consuming and can be difficult to do manually without any assistance from machinery. We provide a wide range of skidsteers and excavators for building sites, to improve the efficiency of your project, allowing you to complete it in a shorter amount of time. Our compact machinery comes with either tracks or wheels, depending on the terrain you are operating on. Tracks are better for rough terrain and wheels are better for a smooth surface, where speed is more important. Our construction machinery hire service is useful for contracted building projects where you will only require the equipment for the duration of the building work. We can supply our construction machinery to both commercial and domestic projects, so regardless of the infrastructure we can supply a skidsteer or attachment suitable to your requirements.

Our Services

Providing construction machinery for buildings, industrial projects and infrastructure, we can supply your current project with the relevant machinery and attachments you need around the Bath area. With products from all the leading and most trusted brands including Bobcat, Avant and JCB, you can rest assured that all of our available stock is regularly tested for safety and comes fully guaranteed. Some of our high-quality products available to hire for your construction site are:

  • Bobcat Forestry Mulchers
  • Avant LPG Dimensions And Loaders
  • Bobcat Skidsteers
  • Gas Powered Bobcats
  • Excavators
  • Wheeled And Tracked Loaders
  • Laser Graders
  • Industrial Grapples
  • Landscape Rakes
  • Angle Brooms
  • Trenchers
  • Construction Machinery Hire

The Construction Industry

The construction industry today consists of many different sectors including buildings, power, manufacturing and waste, and these projects usually require construction machinery hire for the site. A big part of most construction projects is the preparation of the groundworks, including excavation, removal of vegetation and preparing the terrain for development. Our Bobcat forestry mulchers can efficiently remove any plants and trees from the site, by thinning the forest, removing the underbrush and grinding piles of debris. Our hydraulic powered machinery can loosen soil and remove rocks on your building site, using our single bucket loaders and mechanical shovels. Our skidsteers are a popular choice for the construction industry as many different attachments are available including backhoes, trenchers and rippers, which are useful as they can improve the efficiency of your project. Offering both tracked and wheeled loaders, we can provide speedy wheeled excavators for flat terrains and highly efficient tracked loaders for minimal impact on your groundworks. Our skidsteers have very high manoeuvrability, allowing for ease of movement around your site, due to them being able to counter-rotate. Our miniature Bobcat machines are compact and versatile, allowing for you to travel under building structures including scaffolding and frames, whereas larger diggers will not be able to get into these smaller, harder to reach areas.

Essential Equipment

When carrying out a construction project there are many pieces of equipment that you will need to complete the job efficiently and to the best standards. Some equipment you may require could include earth movers, cultivators, crawlers and excavators. Instead of purchasing each individual piece of equipment, you should consider hiring our diggers and skidsteers that come with many different attachments, as they are compact and come with many different functions including excavating, mulching and bulldozing. Our dozer blade attachment allows you to manoeuvre large quantities of debris including soil around, without having to hire a full-size bulldozer, which would be more costly and take up a lot of room. Our excavator attachment allows you to carry out digging, dredging and forestry landscaping easily and efficiently, and it takes care of all the material handling involved in your project, without incurring any additional costs.

Bobcat Skidsteers

Hiring a Bobcat skidsteer for your project can be a good way of tackling many tasks with one machine. We offer the Bobcat M Series Tracked, the Bobcat M Series Wheeled and the Bobcat Mini Tracked Loader.

Our tracked Bobcat model is robust and durable, and offers maximum comfort during operation, as it is made completely out of steel. The rollers are constructed from ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron), which ensures that they are always fully lubricated and sealed. The tracked loader is a suitable choice for you if your groundworks are rough and uneven, and you want to cause the least impact to the ground when operating it.

Our wheeled Bobcat model is hydraulic powered and is a better choice for people who do not have time to regularly maintain it, as it is simpler and has fewer components. As a lightweight machine, it moves fast along smoother groundwork, and the wheels do not need as much torque to move over on. With more accurate steering, wheeled Bobcats can be used to get into smaller areas as you can manoeuvre around easier.

Our compact Bobcat models are a smaller version of our normal Bobcat machines and come equipped with a one-hand lever, and a diesel powered engine. Although they are smaller and slightly less powerful, they take up minimal storage space whilst still being able to ship 1109 kilograms cost effectively.

Construction Projects in Bath

Home to the prestigious University Of Bath, and as the largest city in Somerset, Bath has many historical features including the 2000 year old Roman Baths and Bath Abbey. Situated on the River Avon, it is well known for its world-famous hot springs and museums including the Holburne Museum. With features including the Kennet and Avon Canal, there are many scenic views of Bath to enjoy including Alexandra Park and Prior Park Landscape Garden. With many years of Roman and Georgian history, you can learn about the heritage of Bath in one of Bath’s museums and historical sites or simply browse the city on your own and admire all the fantastic architecture.

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Here at SkidSteer Hire Solutions we can provide a wide range of attachments and tracked and wheeled loaders to clients in Bath and the surrounding areas. Whether you require a JCB, Bobcat or Avant, get in touch with our experts today for all the equipment you could ever need for your construction site.

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